Favoured Software

I have a number of pieces of free software that I use regularly just to make my life that little bit easier. Just in case you haven’t come across some of these Windows software nuggets I figured a little list of personal recommendations wouldn’t go amiss.

In alphabetical order:

  • Firefox – a wonderfully configurable web browser with tab-based browsing.
  • GeekMenu – a PortableApps menu variation for managing all your portable applications with TrueCrypt integration for encryption.
  • Keepass – secure storage for those ever more prolific and complex user IDs and passwords.
  • LightScreen – an improved system for automating and taking screenshots.
  • Notetab – a free programmable text editor (so good I even paid out for the Pro version).
  • PDFTK Builder – split and concatenate PDF files.
  • ScreenRuler – the ultimate onscreen measuring tool.
  • VLC – a media player that plays pretty much any video format ever.
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