About Reboot IT

How many IT problems get resolved by turning off a piece of equipment and then turning it back on again?  This process is also known as a reboot.

My name is Stephen Millard and I work in the ICT department for The Higher Education Academy and this blog was created as a way for my colleagues across the organisation to see what I’ve been looking into recently and highlight interesting areas of ICT.

The blog entries (comments excluded) on this site are my personal views and should in no way be construed to be the views of any other be they an individual, group or organisation.  Posts are also in no way intended to be defamatory and are purely based on personal experience and observation.

If you are going to comment on a post please do so in a courteous and professional manner.

Enjoy the blog and if you want to follow me elsewhere too, then you may find these links useful…

  • My Friend Feed – an aggregation of lots of information including this blog.
  • My Twitter – I tweet occasionally about work and tech, not about my every daily action so please follow me.
  • My Micro-blog , FlagIT – This is my most frequently updated blog where I post random tech stuff and things where there’s less discussion and more fact.  I post useful scripts, links to software I find useful and all that sort of stuff keeping my main blog (this one) more streamlined.
  • My LinkedIn Profile – If you want me to join your network.
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